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饺子与烧卖 ♦ Jiaozi (Chinese version of Dumpling) and Shaomai

饺子烧卖Jiaozi (Chinese version of Dumpling) and Shaomai

准备篇 Preparation part:

1)酱料 Sauce:
酱料的材料: Ingredients for Sauce:
洋葱 onion
蒜米 garlic
老干妈辣酱 "LaoGanMa" brand of spicy sauce
番茄酱 Tomato sauce/ Ketchup
酱油 soy sauce
虾酱(可选) Shrimp paste/belacan (optional)

fry the garlic and onion (smell), add the spicy sauce (spicy), tomato sauce (sauer), sugar (sweet), soy sauce (salty)...and you can add any other thing you like, like Shrimp paste will make it more delicious.
(ps. this sauce is not the original one, it's created by us just because we like to eat spicy stuff, you can do it to fit your own taste!~)

2) Soup:
汤的材料: Ingredients for Soup:
鸡精块或鸡骨头 Chicken cube or Chicken bones

use chicken cube so boil the soup is very simple, but sounds not so professional. We choose to use chicken bone and boil it with middle low fire for 2 to 3 hours.

3)馅料 Filling:
馅料的材料: Ingredients for Filling:
猪肉碎 Minced Pork
五花肉 Pork belly
虾肉 Shrimp meat
大白菜 Chinese cabbage
红萝卜粒 red carrot cubes
冬菇粒(可选) mushroom cubes (optional)
马蹄粒(可选) Eleocharis dulcis cubes (optional)
糖盐 sugar and salt
胡椒粉 pepper powder
绍兴花雕酒 rice wine
酱油 soy sauce
鸡蛋 egg
薯粉 corn flour


lower left is machine's minced pork, you can't bite anything from that...
lower right is minced pork belly using knife but not mechine, like this at least you can buy something, more juice and a bit fat on it...
the upper one is minced shrimp meat...
other than that, cut the chinese cabage, add salt and squizz out the water...
or you can also add red carrot, mushroom, or Eleocharis dulcis if you want...

add sugar and salt, pepper powder, rice wine, soy sauce, egg, corn flour...
for Jiaozi: basically you must have mechine minced pork, hand minced pork belly, chinese cabbage...if you add Eleocharis dulcis will be better...
for Shaomai: basically you must have mechine minced pork, hand minced pork belly, minced shrimp meat, red carrot... adding mushroom will add points...

饺子篇 Jiaozi part:

mix flour with water, and keep on massage it. make them to a ball shape and make it flat, roll the side flatter but leave the middle to be's easy to say but you will find it very hard when you do it on your own!~~

how to put the Filling in it? we teach you 2 ways of doing it:
普通饺子 Normal Jiaozi:
比较华丽但是很慢。。。looks nicer but very slow
东北饺子 North east Jiaozi:
比较快,又简单。。。very fast and simple...

The first way (Gourmet way): put them in to the boiling soup to this way, the Jiaozi will absorb the taste of the soup, will taste different...but then the soup cannot be drunk anymore, because it will be full of flour...this sounds a bit wasting the soup...
The second way (Civilians way): use water to boil them...and then put into the this you can eat the Jiaozi as well as drinking the soup...but because the Jiaozi skin absorb plain water instead of soup, so the taste is not as good as the previous one...

they are cooked!~~ looks not very nice but it taste great with the sauce!~~

烧卖篇 Shaomai part:

we use the Wonton skin (just buy direcktly from the asia market) for Shaomai, put the filling inside and put on the plate with oil on top, then steam how to put the filling?
看这里 see here:

you can use rice cooker to steam, but after that we found out it's not strong and very slow...then we change to use electric stove...

The done look!~~

eat it together with the sauce....yummy!!~~

although it seems like spending a lot of effort and time to cook this dish, "cooking is not only enjoying the result but also the process... "
cannot understand? try it and you will know~~

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