Friday, August 31, 2007

西餐 (Combo Steak)

全部材料: All ingredients:
蘑菇 mushrooms
蘑菇汤的粉 mushroom-soup powder
鸡胸肉 chicken breast
猪肉 pork meat
牛肉 beaf
马铃薯 potatos
玉蜀黍 sweet corn
薄荷叶 mint leaf
白酒 white wine

Overall steps: first, prepare the sauce(1), then fry the meat(2), and some side dishes(3), then do some decoration(4)...

(1)酱汁: 通常可以是黑胡椒,或者是蘑菇汁。我们这里做的是蘑菇汁。。。
Sauce: Normally it can be black pepper or mushroom sauce. We demonstrate to cook mushroom sauce here...
Ingredients: mushrooms (of course! or else what you need? apples?), a packet of mushroom-soup powder (we are not that professional to cook the sauce ourselves), and water (don't need to get the ice from Apls and melt it, or which shows in Movie or comics, just use tap water!), and some white wine.
steps: mix the mushroom-soup powder in water, heat and stir it, add mushrooms in, and a bit of white wine so that it has some alcohol smell...

Ingredients: meat...can be chicken chop, pork chop, lamb chop or steak, or you can have different combination!(4C1*4C2*4C3*4C4, guess what i'm writing?)...butter, and also salt,sugar,soya sauce, those which are added by feeling!~~
steps: fry the meat with butter few pieces by few pieces (depends how many pieces fit your pan), the hardest one is to fry steak...there are different level of cooked...medium rad, fully cooked, and raw...the first step is fry the side part so that the juice will be kept in the steak...
the raw one just fry the upper and lower part, flip a few times, then it's done...(the steak is still bleeding and looks horrible and disgusting, not many people like it)...
medium raw one fry 2 minutes upper part, and 2 minutes lower part, done...(middle part in red, this is the most popular one)
fully cooked one is fried with the same methode as medium raw, but when you fry it, press the steak so that the juice comes out, has more contact with the pan, and is cooked faster...the time needed is also almost the same ..(the meat taste dry and hart, not popular as well)

side dishes: potatos and sweet corns(because Malaysia Peninsula looks like potato and petronas twin tower looks like sweet corn.....just kidding!)...
steps for potatos: wash it, spread some salt on it, use aluminium foil to wrap it and put into oven...when the potatos are cooked, cut an X on it, use a cloth to hold it at the bottom, squizz it and it will open like a flower, spread some salts and onion on it

steps for sweet corns: steam it, cut it to a same length...spread butter and salt on it...

decoration: that piece of leaf is mint leaf, it can be eaten also...

you may drink white wine, champagne or red wine...

they are all the same, but it's not dublicated by photoshop!~~