Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Luncheon meat fried egg ♦ 午餐肉炒蛋

Luncheon meat is a very famous food in Asia country. Somebody feels curious whether they can buy luncheon meat in Germany or Europe country, or they should bring a whole beg of luncheon meat can food if they are going to stay in Germany to study.

I'm here to tell you, NO~you don't have to~ because here you can find something very similar and it's called "Frühstücksfleisch" (direct translate will be Breakfast meat instead of luncheon meat). It tastes 70% similar, but after frying it will be 85% similar~

Here let me introduce you a delicious and simple way of cooking-Luncheon meat fried egg

全部材料: All ingredients:
午餐肉 Luncheon meat
鸡蛋 Eggs

First, cut the luncheon meat to small cubes, fry then will golden colour. Why fry the luncheon meat first? because the luncheon meat here has a very heavy pork smell, after frying it to golden colour, the smell will be gone and smell nice.

Stir the egg and pour into the pan and fry, this time don't add any salt or soy sauce, because the luncheon meat is very salty~ if you want you can add some sugar to lower the saltiness...

The hardest part is to flip the egg, require a lot of skill, practice makes perfect, try it on your own~

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