Sunday, December 16, 2007

薄饼 ♦ Popiah

Popiah is a cousine which is created by Malaysian Hokkien.

Ingredients actually depend on the person him-/herself...this is just as suggestion to let you try at home.

we see one-by-one from the right in anti-clockwise direction:
egg (add some soy sauce and fry it in thick form, cut it),
cucumber (cut them too),
shrimp paste (add some lemon juice and sugar to dilute it),
peanut (use blender to blend it),
fried onion (just buy from supermarket),
Bean sprouts (fry with some soy sauce),
In the middle is Popiah skin, is made from wheat flour.

and also fresh prawn and dried prawn (fry them).

现在为你们介绍怎么做薄饼是我们的大厨Eric Boon大厨师,掌声鼓励鼓励~~~~(拍拍拍拍~~~)
Now, let me introduce you our chef --Eric Boon, he will teach you how to make popiah, please put your hands together~~~ (applause~~~)

谢谢大家,首先在皮上面涂一些虾膏,这个虾膏不是直接涂上去的哦!你看,罐里面的虾膏是粘粘的,你看我的很稀,不是用水弄稀哦!用水就没有味道了,要用柠檬汁。。。bla bla bla(本人sensor掉他show-off的那段,怎么弄看上面就好)
Thank you everyone, first of all, put some shrimp past on the skin, don't take the shrimp paste directly from the bottle!~~ you see, in the bottle the shrimp paste is very sticky, mine is already diluted, but it's not diluted with water! if you use water to dilute it will be tasteless, use lemon juice....bla bla bla (the showing-off part is sensored, just read from above how to do it)

然后加花生碎,为什么要先加花生碎?因为可以把多余的水份吸一下,皮就不会这么容易破掉。我也是看人家怎么弄学回来的。。。因为小时候很喜欢吃popiah...bla bla bla(又在sensor他讲故事的那段,以后看到bla bla bla就是sensor啦,不用解释。。。:P)
then add peanut, why it is followed by peanut but not other thing? because it will adsorb some water so that the skin won't be so watery and spoilt. i learned it from other people...when i was small, i like to eat popiah....bla bla bla (again sensored because of telling unimportant story, the following part if you see bla bla bla means it is sensored, no need to explain so much...:P)

再加上豆芽,黄瓜,煎蛋。。。煎蛋要煎到这样厚厚才好吃。。。bla bla bla
and then add Bean sprouts, cucumber, fried egg....fried egg must be thick or else it doesn't taste nice....bla bla bla

add some fresh prawns and dried prawns...

spread some fried onion on top of it...

wrap it...

hold it tight....stick it...

cut it...

looks nice? can put some more shrimp paste and spread some more peanut....
我在德国朋友家那里弄来给他们吃他们都不喜欢虾膏的味道,讲很臭。。。不懂好料。。。就像榴莲一样。。。bla bla bla...
i make this food at my german friend's house but they don't like the smell of shrimp paste, they said it's very smelly...aih...they don't enjoy this good thing...just like durian....bla bla bla....

this is a vedio show how to wrap popiah.

try it at home~~~

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